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Abies - Silver Firs  

These dramatic conical shaped conifers make a great statement in the landscape, long-lived and withstanding the elements.

In the wild they start life as tiny seedlings in the shade of other trees, slowly creating a skirt of branches, waiting until there is blue sky above. Growth is then fairly rapid and continues for over a century. Volume growth of quality timber is prodigious, exceeded only by Sequoia.

Our European silver firs are five years old, transplanted twice and now ready for their final planting site. The Abies from Turkey, Greece and Spain show great drought and exposure tolerance. Two Mexican Highland species are quicker and ready in two to three years, with potential to thrive in most of New Zealand.

If planting into a non-conifer site it is best to interplant with another conifer, such as Larix or Cedrus, to ensure a supply of mycorrhizal root fungi.

The roots are bulkier than other conifers, so dig a deeper hole in well drained soil. Keep them weed free for maximum growth and you will be rewarded seeing them grow into evergreen conical giants.

Abies vejari 20 years old on the left
14 years old on right