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Innovative Advanced hedging

The ideal solution when a quick dense hedge is required quickly.

These are generally 3-year-old plants that have been spaced in the nursery rows to allow the plants to develop extra stem diameter and the branches are trimmed and trained to form a more established hedged effect.

They are more bulky to pack and dispatch so the freight cost per plant is higher. It is recommended that they be planted approximately 50cm apart.

Advanced hedging plants are more bulky to pack and freight, so the freight cost per plant is higher.

COPPER BEECH Fagus sylvatica purpurea

A hedge to mark the seasons, deciduous in name, but maintaining an effective screen all year. Lush purple spring growth gradually changes to purplish green through summer, then to copper tan in autumn. Brown leaves hold on right through win-ter, falling as the new leaves burst forth.

Beech will grow in most soil conditions, preferring alkaline to acid soil. Many NZ soils are acid so a heavy dressing of lime will enhance growth. The site must be free draining, as beech will not tolerate waterlogged conditions. Irrigation is necessary where light free-draining soils or drought conditions prevail.

Beech hedges are easy to manage, as they do not make huge growth flushes; a clip in summer keeps a formal shaped hedge, with a light trim in late summer tidying up any late summer flush.

We have excellent 3-year-old plants at 50-75cm and 75-100cm.

HORNBEAM Carpinus betulus

This is also deciduous, retaining its leaves in winter when clipped. In summer, attractive green serrated leaves give the hedge a soft lush effect.
It is adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions, and is able to tolerate summer heat and wind.

Spring and summer growth is vigorous when grown under ideal conditions, which may require a spring and summer clip to maintain a formal shape, and before the season’s growth becomes too woody.

We have 3 and 4-year-old transplants spaced and side trimmed to encourage the formation of a hedge. Younger plants are available for gardeners keen to start their hedge at an earlier stage.