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Key Points For Successful Establishment Of Alternative Tree Species following harvesting of Pinus radiata

  • You will be surprised how much fern and brush weeds re-establish after logging. Allow time for weeds to germinate and if your spray application does not achieve 100% control, consider delaying planting for a year and re-spray.
  • Book your helicopter early to allow for the minimum 10 week withholding period for metsulphuron. GPS the area to assist with accurate planting area planning.
  • Order the trees and book a planting crew well in advance. Plant the trees promptly and store tomorrow’s trees in a cool building or under full shade. Check that the roots are moist at all times.
  • Use a large spot spray circle when release spraying, especially where tall brush weeds, such as broom tend to over shadow the planted seedling. Herbicide recommendations vary between regions, soil types and weeds to be controlled. Seek expert advice locally.
  • Keep the planting spot free of weeds and grass for two growth seasons, especially where summer dry periods are a problem.
  • Use soil and foliage testing to check nutrient levels of alternative species. Logging disturbs the needle duff layer. It is full of mycorrhizae that are very beneficial to the next rotation of seedlings and people are often surprised how quickly other species grow following a crop of radiata. Be prepared to correct your boron and magnesium levels and spot fertilise if the foliage colour is not a healthy green.