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0.6ha valley skid site and the 4ha ridge-top logging in the background.

Log making in the arboretum planting.

21-year-old pruned export logs.

Logging after storm damage

Due to a severe easterly storm, we had some wind throw of radiata on the farm. We decided to recover these logs and set up harvesting pads for future hauler logging. A very competent ground-based three-man crew felled and processed the pruned logs into 12 grades for export to China, with less than 5% going to chip wood.

The trees from the two areas were very different: four hectares of 21-year-old control pollinated GF28 growing along an exposed ridge, pruned to 6.5 metres; and 0.6 ha of tall valley-bottom 34-year-olds pruned to 9 metres. The 0.6 ha was planted by the previous owner using Appletons seedlings, probably the old 268 series open pollinated seed, and yielded a high 748 tonnes of logs. This was the second

crop of radiata harvested off this 0.6 ha, with a series 2 Land Rover being purchased by the previous owner from the first crop.

Both areas exceeded the $1000 per hectare per annum return, after all harvesting and transportation costs.