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1000 dollar trees – Timberlands West Coast Experience

Slab Hut close to Reefton was the venue for a recent West Coast Farm Forestry field day. Branch chairman and Forestry manager for Timberlands West Coast, Mike Craw explained the specific harvesting issues that any woodlot owner may encounter during the planning stage.

Slab Hut has a stream through the site, evidence of previous historic activity, close proximity to a neighbour, surrounding a Department of Conservation picnic area, and in full view of State Highway 7.

To reduce public concerns, Timberlands and the Department of Conservation worked together to promote the safety needs of felling such a grand area of mature trees. A key factor in the success was Timberlands desire to replant the site with long-term species and a buffer zone to encourage indigenous species.

This 63-year-old block of trees harvested by Timberlands contained many trees produced up to four peeler logs 5.2 metres long with large end diameters up to 92cm. Total volumes per tree were often eight cubic metres or larger with between four and six cubic metres producing peeler grades. Tree stocking averaged 118 stem per ha.

The average value per tree was $1072, with a harvesting cost per tree was $396 giving a return of $676 per tree.

Thanks to Mike Craw, Timberlands West Coast Ltd.