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Recommended Reference Books

The following books will be helpful in giving descriptions of trees, the conditions they thrive in, and cultural advice.

Know your Garden Series - Trees & Shrubs - R.E. & C.R. Harrison

Manual of Trees and Shrubs - Hilliers’

The Cultivation of NZ Trees and Shrubs - L.J. Metcalf

A Field Guide to the Trees of Britain and North Europe - A. Mitchell

Trees and Shrubs of NZ - Poole & Adams

Trees, Farms and the NZ Landscape - G. Stockly

Trees for NZ Town and Country - Don Bell

Revegetation Manual (NZ Plants) - Q.E. II National Trust

Garden Trees - Sunset Books

New Western Garden Book - Sunset Books

Trees for the NZ Countryside - A Planter’s Guide - J. & B. Mortimer

Plants that Merit Attention, Vol 1 Trees, Vol 2 Shrubs - The Garden Club of America

Touchwood Books, Box 610, Hastings - Specialise in Tree Books