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Initial Spraying

Early stages of revegetation

Strongly growing plant showing excellent weed control

Weed Control in Natives

The first two years after planting are critical for young trees. Good survival and growth are strongly dependent on controlling all surrounding vegetation, reducing the competition for moisture and nutrients.

Keep an area approximately 70-100cm around your trees free of competing grass and weeds – either by spraying or manual cultivation. Living grass roots exude a toxin, which inhibits tree growth.

Once the area around the tree is weed free, mulching with post peelings, bark and pea straw has the effect of conserving moisture as well as inhibiting new weed growth. By spreading 20 litres volume of mulch evenly around the tree, this creates a barrier between the plant stem and the wider spayed area, lessening the risk of spray drift.

Specific herbicide mixes vary depending on the weeds to be controlled, time of year and soil type. This advice is best given by local suppliers, contractors or consultants who understand local conditions and the best way to control weed competition.

Large scale Revegetation 1998-2003