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  • All species, whether evergreen or deciduous, are sold in multiples of 10, with a minimum purchase of 10 plants of each species. 50 or more of the same species are at a lower price.
  • The advertised prices are per plant and do not include GST. If a price does not appear beneath a particular height grade it means we cannot supply that grade this year. We produce plants in bulk enabling us to maintain an economical pricing structure. We lift, grade and pack several thousand trees each day. Time is at a premium during the hectic winter months, and it is not economical to break bundles at the advertised prices. We do not want to offend you by saying no, and we have found planters needing less than our minimum order often co-operate to make a qualifying order. In special circumstances we will do our best to help you out at slightly higher rates than the individual prices advertised.


  • The minimum order is 10 plants of any species. We do not break bundles.
  • Please forward all new orders to us via website or by mail, fax or email. We can add to existing orders at any time prior to dispatch.
  • If, for reasons beyond your control, you need to delete items or cancel your order, please advise us as quickly as possible. We can then release your items for other orders.
  • If you have specific diameter requirements for grafting purposes, please ensure that you state these clearly on your order.
  • We may need to substitute a smaller or larger size. Please tell us if size substitutions are NOT acceptable and make this clear on your order.
  • We lift and grade each species in bulk production runs. We pack the larger orders for immediate dispatch and hold smaller orders in the coolstore until either the order is completed, or a bag is filled with several species for economical freighting.
  • If you have a “must arrive by” date we do try to work towards it. Please state this clearly on your order and allow us adequate time to assemble. Please order early to avoid disappointment.
  • We start lifting and grading with species that shed their leaves early, and as the winter progresses the range of species available for processing increases.
  • In some instances Appletons reserve the right to request a deposit. This will be discussed with you when you order.
  • Order confirmation will be emailed (preferred), faxed or mailed. This confirmation WILL NOT include GST or freight costs.


The cost of packaging is generally included in the price of your seedlings unless specific arrangements are made for contracts. Our seedlings are packaged in a variety of ways depending on their end use. Radiata and Douglas fir are generally packaged in standard radiata cartons, DL55s or paper bags. A variety of options are available and we will meet your requirements whenever possible. Plug grown stock is packaged in plastic bags with sphagnum moss, within cartons, to keep the plug intact until it is planted.

Other species are packaged in plastic bags with the roots packed with sphagnum moss to keep them moist. The plastic bags are then packed into dual wall paper bags which are strapped securely. This forms a rigid package which has proven to be very satisfactory for transportation. Although it is not recommended practice, we have found that our trees can remain packaged like this for several weeks without coming to any harm. This is reassuring for customers who may experience short delays in planting.

The number of trees that can be packed in each bag depends on the species and size ordered. We always pack to minimise freight costs.


Each year we dispatch several million trees throughout New Zealand via our preferred carrier Post Haste Couriers on a two day service.

Plastic lined paper bags
  Under 75cm - 2 day service $13 + GST  
  Over 75cm - 2 day service  $26 + GST  
Plastic lined CARTONS
  Banana box size - 2 day service $13 + GST  
  Larger cartons - 2 day service    $26 + GST  
  Extra large or heavy item $6 + GST  
  Rural delivery  $5.50 + GST  

Allow an additional 1 or 2 days delivery for rural address to be delivered by rural mail contractor.

Larger orders may be dispatched with other freight contractors either in crates or palletised to minimise the freight costs for the customer.


On the day your trees leave the nursery, we will email (preferred), fax or mail your invoice. This will indicate your trees are in transit and the date they were dispatched and courier tracking numbers. Please contact us immediately if there appears to be an unreasonable delay between dispatch and arrival.

Our invoice includes our bank account details, payment is required within 7 days via internet banking or mailed cheque. Note: We do not have credit card or EFTPOS facilities.


All evergreen species should be planted promptly on arrival. Generally speaking they do not store well. Please give these species priority in your planting programme.
If you have received deciduous trees and cannot immediately plant them, we recommend you leave them in the original packaging and store them in a cool place away from sunlight. Cool storage is preferable but a cool shed or even a shady hedge will help to protect your trees. If your planting is going to be delayed by more than a week to 10 days, we suggest heeling them in to your vegetable garden or into sawdust. Dig a shallow trench, untie the bundles and spread them, standing erect along the trench firming the soil/sawdust around the roots. Keep them watered and they will hold until you are ready to plant.

PEST REPELLANT: Contact your local farm supply store.
TREE SHELTERS: Advance Landscape Systems, Christchurch. Tel: 0800 600 789.



Ian Williams - Dispatch Manager

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