FAQ's and Delivery Information

What is the minimum order quantity?
The minimum total order quantity is 50 and can be made up of several species and the minimum quantity per species is 10 & then in multiples of 10 thereafter.
Is a discount offered on larger orders?
We offer a lower price for orders of 50 or more of one species, as listed on website. For larger quantities of 1000 or more contact us for relevant pricing.
Why are prices missing for some grades on the website?
We will only display prices for the grades grown, even for forward ordering.
Does the price include GST and freight?
NO, the prices are plus GST and freights costs (if applicable) plus GST
How & when to order?
Our preference is to receive orders via our website online ordering system, not phone orders. We stocktake the nursery for the current year's season during January/February and the website is fully up to date by end of March each year. In the interim you can request a forward order either via the site or by email us a list. We do recommend forward ordering as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
How & when is my order confirmed?
Online orders will receive an automated message from the website, however this is not an order confirmation. Once your order request is received, we check the grade and stock levels, enter your order and email a confirmation. Please note this does not include freight or GST and is an order confirmation only, not an invoice.
Do you require a deposit?
We require a deposit of 25% to secure all orders of a value in excess of $500 (ex GST). This invoice will be issued within 7 days of confirming your order. It is important that you contact us with any changes to your order promptly, to enable the correct deposit invoice to be issued. This deposit is payable within 7 days and prior to dispatching of trees. If you cancel your order this deposit is non-
I need a specific delivery date!
If you have a “must arrive by” date or preferred month, please state this clearly on your order (comments field) or your email. We will confirm intended dispatch date or month on your order confirmation email. If we are unable to accommodate your date requirements, we will contact you to arrange another suitable time. We are always happy to discuss your requirement to fit in with your planting arrangements with a minimum of 10 days notice.
When are bare-rooted trees dispatched?
Between June and August we lift, grade & pack open ground bare rooted trees in production runs. If not dispatched immediately trees will be either held in the coolstore or heeling in area until your total order is ready for dispatch.
When is container grown stock dispatched?
The availability of container grown stock is extended to between March through to November, depending on stock availability coming out of our propagation and being ready for sale. This allows for either Autumn or Spring planting. Some limited stock may be available during the summer months.
When do I pay?
Deposit (if applicable) will already have been paid. On the day that your trees leave our nursery, we will email you an invoice (less any deposit) with the details of the shipment and the freight tracking numbers. Payment for this final invoice is required within 7 days.
How do I pay?
Invoices include our bank account details and our preferred method of payment is via internet banking. We do not have CREDIT CARD or EFTPOS facilities nor are we able to get to a bank to deposit cash.
Are you able to quote for freight?
It is difficult to accurately quote for freight, as every order packs differently, please refer below for guide to current courier rates or contact us and we will endeavor to provide an estimated cost range.
Mainfreight rates are based on volume by cubic meterage. We always pack & choose freight method to minimise this cost to our customer.
Can I collect my order from the Nursery?
Yes you can arrange to collect with a minimum of 3 days notice.
How many plants can be shipped in each bag or carton?
The number of trees that can be packed in each bag depends on the species and size ordered. As a guide, big 1.3m Oaks, we may get 20-30 per bag, but smaller species between 20-60cm grade, we could get 100-200 per bag. Smaller plug grown species up to 150 in a banana box and for between 40-90cm pot grown species up to 30 into a larger carton.
How long can I hold trees before planting?
If they are evergreen species, they will need to be planted promptly upon arrival. Deciduous species can be held in a cool dark place for up to 2 weeks. Do not open the bags, which will allow the roots to dry out, we have packed damp sphagnum moss around the roots. If you have any doubts or need further advice, do not hesitate to contact us.


We have a contractual arrangement with Aramex and they provide a two day service to the North Island and most of the South Island. If going to Marlborough, Golden Bay or Christchurch will usually be overnight.

Our preference is to avoid sending to rural addresses, where possible, as this adds a 3 rd party rural postal contractor and an additional day or two to your delivery, which is also unable to be tracked. Therefore, please provide a town address for delivery ie: C/- Farmlands or the nearest Aramex depot.

Current Courier rates:

Plastic lined paper bags of bare-rooted trees

North Island South Island
Under 60cm $22.00 + GST $13.00 + GST
60cm to 90cm $33.00 + GST $21.00 + GST
90cm to 1.2m $40.00 + GST $24.00 + GST
Over 1.2m $45.50 + GST $29.50 + GST

Plastic lined cartons of container grown stock

North Island South Island
Small carton $22.00 + GST $13.00 + GST
Banana box size $33.00 + GST $21.00 + GST
Larger/taller cartons $40.00 + GST $24.00 + GST

Additional charges (NZ wide)

Extra large or heavy item $5.50 + GST
Rural delivery $7.50 + GST

Top of the South Island rates are less and vary dependent on the area.

Larger orders will be dispatched either in wooden bins or bags/cartons strapped onto a pallet with Mainfreight